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The Chiropractic Association of Louisiana (CAL) is a statewide, not-for profit organization serving the chiropractic profession in Louisiana.  The Association's principle function is to serve as educator, bringing to members of the community a greater awareness of and appreciation for the contributions made by chiropractic physicians as members of the the healing arts.

CAL was formed as an organization to represent the voice not only for chiropractic physicians but for the patients who choose chiropractic services.  We continually strive to maintain the highest ethical standards within the profession.   Our purpose is to develop and maintain an efficient, loyal, and aggressive organization comprised of people who believe in chiropractic and are committed to its growth.  We recognize cooperation as the medium through which accomplishments are made.  We strive to always consider what is right and best for the association and profession as a whole rather than what is best for any one individual or any single situation.  We ensure that everyone is listened to and treated fairly.  CAL's goal is to continually promote and advance the chiropractic profession and to provide members with efficient, effective responses to their needs.


The Benefits of Membership

CAL is the only state organization that is here to promote the chiropractic profession.  Our constant presence at the capitol coupled with our professional approach and demeanor have earned for the entire profession the high level of respect it deserves.  CAL is constantly working to protect and further your patients' rights to access your services.  We retain the services of legal counsel to advise and represent the association on matters affecting the practice of chiropractic in Louisiana.  Through publications such as our newsletter, Progress Notes, we continually keep our members informed on any and all matters impacting the profession.  We provide an extensive continuing education program designed to meet the needs and interests of our diversified membership.  CAL maintains a scholarship program to assist students as they prepare to become chiropractic physicians.  We ask that you join our organization as we continue in our efforts to promote and advance the practice of chiropractic.

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Legislative Issues...

CAL is your voice at the State Legislation level.  We work to protect the chiropractic profession and its patients.  As people face multiple health issues that are increasing health care costs and burdening the economy, we champion to allow access to cost-effective, nonsurgical an non-pharmacological solutions, such as chiropractic services, by supporting and directing legislation that provides individuals with a choice in their health care.  CAL is committed to advancing the role of chiropractic in prevention and population health initiatives to combat health crises such as opioid addiction and concussions.  As we continue our efforts to promote and protect the practice of chiropractic, we invite you to join us and become a part of the unified voice for chiropractic in Louisiana.

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